Watch a Tokyo Man Walk His Giant Pet Tortoise Through Downtown

Posted by Allie Layos

This tortoise walks better without a leash than most dogs do with one. 

You know those reactions you get when you walk your beautiful, fluffy dog around town? That's nothing compared to the stares this man gets when he takes his gigantic tortoise out for a stroll in downtown Tokyo.

The tortoise, known as Bon-chan, is a 20-year-old African spurred tortoise. He is 154 pounds and three feet long from front to back.

Bon-chan's owner, Mitani, purchased him from a pet shop after his wife fell in love with the baby tortoise. At that time Bon-chan was small enough to fit into the palm of Mitani's hand. With his healthy size, it's clear that Bon-chan has enjoyed many carrots and cabbages since then, but he still likes to stay fit with his daily walks.

How about that for a well-behaved pet? One thing is certain: carrots and cabbages aren't the only thing Bon-chon is eating these days -- he's also eating up that attention!

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