Munchkin Kitten Perfects His Pounce When He Plays with His Own Shadow

Posted by Paige Cerulli
munchkin kitten

When this Munchkin kitten spots his own shadow, the game is on. 

Kittens and cats are great at finding entertainment in just about anything. How many times have you seen a kitten make a piece of paper, a bit of food, or even its own tail into a toy? It's part of what makes kittens so much fun to be around - they're little balls of energy, and they're just too cute to watch. As for the Munchkin kitten in this video? Well, he finds his own shadow to be a whole bunch of fun.

This Munchkin kitten knows fun when he sees it. He's mastered the ability to sit up on his hind legs, and is perfecting his pounce. He doesn't ever seem to be able to catch that shadow, though. Take a look at this cutie!

Kittens play to learn important skills that will serve them well in life. When you think about it, playing is just like hunting. Kittens learn to stalk their "prey," gather themselves up, and pounce. They also learn how to hold onto an object like they would when catching prey in the wild. Playing also helps to develop a kitten's strength, balance, and coordination. In short, play is really important for kittens.

If you want to play with your kitten, you can probably fashion toys out of items you have around the home. But there are also tons of great cat toys you can purchase to help enrich your kitten's life and give him plenty of playtime opportunities.

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Munchkin Kitten Perfects His Pounce When He Plays with His Own Shadow