Watch a Kitty Cuddle Dolphins Because It Is Beyond Adorable

Posted by Mateja Lane
cat and dolphins

Two animals from totally different worlds.

But still able to find common cuddles!

In a video posted surfacing from 1997, a cat took a ride on a boat in Florida and came face to face with a dolphin.

The encounter took place at Theater of the Sea, a marine mammal facility in Islamorada, Florida. The cat is named Arthur and he got to meet dolphins Shiloh and Thunder, giving the world this adorable video.

There's the quintessential feline head rub, and while the dolphin may not like the taste of cat hair, he cuddles back.

That may even be the first boop to go viral.

Arthur does dole out some swats, but they must have been without claws because the dolphins come back for more. Dolphins are known as puppies of the sea due to their curiosity and playfulness, but maybe they are more like cats than we think.

One thing is for sure, some new friendships were made that many thought could never work.

What do you think about this uncommon friendship? Tell us in the comment below.

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Watch a Kitty Cuddle Dolphins Because It Is Beyond Adorable