Farm Therapy: Get in Line for a Baby Goat Massage

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Ahh yeah, that's the spot!

In this hilarious video, a mean bunch of goats are trampling their poor, defenseless owner... Just kidding! At first it seems like the pygmy goats are kicking this poor guy when he is down, but you can quickly tell that he is in on the joke and having the time of his life!

Have you ever had a Thai walking massage? If so, then you know what this man is in for, and how nice it actually feels. Check out this YouTube video.

There is some funny commentary going on in the background as well - "Oh yeah that's the spot! A little to the left... A little but lower..."

You will laugh out loud when you see him rise up to his hands and knees at :48. Those cute baby goats just don't quit!

We love how the mama goat is in the background just relaxing, grazing on hay. You can almost hear her saying: "Yep, those are my goat kids! Don't mind them, they sure are crazy!"

Have you had baby goats trample you? Tell us about your baby goat experiences in the Facebook comments below!

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Farm Therapy: Get in Line for a Baby Goat Massage