Want to Watch a Pig Show?

Posted by Allie Layos

No collars or harnesses -- these show pigs are guided by gentle taps from their handlers.

There are horse shows, there are dog shows, but did you know there are also pig shows?

The protocol may seem strange, with pigs wandering in different directions around the arena instead of tracking in a circle, but the premise is the same: excited spectators, determined competitors, and one passionate judge.

Market pigs are judged on their muscle, leanness and structural soundness, and a good judge can determine all these qualities while the pigs move about the show ring with their handlers.

The process is interesting, but the best part may be watching the pigs enjoy their time in the spotlight.

Did you catch that strut? Those are some fine-looking swine! And don't they know it!

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Want to Watch a Pig Show?