The Inupathy Mood Harness Will Measure Your Dog's Happiness

Posted by TF Oren
Photos via Inupathy

The canine version of the mood ring is now real.

That's right. Thanks to Japanese biologist Joji Yamaguchi, dog owners will soon have color-coded insight into their dogs' moods.

The Inupathy ("inu" is the Japanese word for dog) is a harness that measures a dog's heart rate and displays different moods via an LED light guided by an algorithm. A red light indicates excitement or anxiety; a blue light indicates relaxation; white signals intense focus; and rainbow indicates happiness.


Yamaguchi also devised an app to go along with the color-coded harness. The app is designed to let you interact with your dog according to what the harness is telling you about your dog's state of mind.

For example, if you want to take your dog from a state of anxiety to a happier place, you can use your phone to launch a "Let's Play" app. The app will provide ideas and suggestions about games to play with your dog.

The app can also keep track of your dog's "average happiness" over time, and provides daily, weekly, and monthly analyses of your dog's overall mood.

Eventually, the software development kit will be made available to developers so others can design their own apps to interact with the harness data.


Keep in mind that while Inupathy is a fun and entertaining way to tap into your dog's head space, it's strictly a novelty. Carefully observing your dog's body language and daily habits is a much more accurate way to understand how your dog is feeling.

If you'd like to get your hands on Inupathy, it's expected to hit the market in December. You can read more about it here.

All photos courtesy of Inupathy.

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The Inupathy Mood Harness Will Measure Your Dog's Happiness