Walk Your Fish with an Aquarium Backpack!

Posted by TF Oren

Just when you thought you'd seen it all...

Thanks to artists Brad Troemel and Joshua Citarella, your days of leaving Goldie the goldfish at home when you take your dog to the park are over.

Troemel and Citarella have created a "self-cleaning" aquarium backpack, complete with all the trimmings: fish, rocks, snails, plants...the whole shebang. Advertised on their Etsy store, Ultra Violet Production House (UVph), the vinyl aquarium backpack carries a $500 price tag.

The only thing missing from this curious piece of functional art is information about how, exactly, it functions. All that's offered is the statement that "Ultra Violet Production House provides customers with high quality material kits and fabrication guidance for all original works."


The aquarium backpack isn't the only unusual item to be found in UVph's store. You could also buy yourself an Ugg Boot bird nest, complete with customizable airbrush art advertising the presidential candidate of your choice for $200; a hand-poured soap bathtub for $2,000, or a hanging vertical piggy bank filled with precious metal for a whopping $3,000. Choices, choices.

But, we digress...

The takeaway here, is that the aquarium backpack is now, apparently, a real thing. So, if you're a proud fish owner who's been waiting patiently for the opportunity to showcase your finned friends for all the world to see, it appears that your day has come.

All you have to do is fork over the dough, wait 1-2 weeks for it to ship, and get ready to give everyone at Starbucks, the dog park, and the office the surprise of a lifetime.

Check out the backpack aquarium and other amusing oddities on UVph's Etsy page.


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Walk Your Fish with an Aquarium Backpack!