Vodka Saved This Cat from Using the Last of His Nine Lives

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cat and vodka
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After ingesting toxic antifreeze, this cat was rushed to the vet just in time to receive life-saving medicine: vodka.

The jet black cat, who has been named "Tipsy," was found behind a tire shop in Lowood, Queensland, west of Brisbane, Australia.

When a good Samaritan found Tipsy, it was clear that he had ingested something toxic and was in grave danger. The sick feline was rushed to the RSPCA where the veterinarian on call attached Tipsy to a drip which was connected to a bottle of diluted vodka.

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Believe it or not, vodka treatment is the common antidote for antifreeze, but unfortunately few animals make it to the vet in time to receive it.

"It just so happened that one of our nurses had a bottle of vodka laying around, so we were able to administer it just in time to save his life," said RSPCA Vet Sarah Kanther.

"He was off his rocker. He was having a jolly good time."

cat attached to a vodka drip

When animals are placed on a vodka drip, the body begins to metabolize the alcohol in addition to the antifreeze, which means the antifreeze has more time to pass in a less toxic form. Unfortunately, cats are often attracted to the antifreeze due to its sweet taste.

In fact, the vet believed that based on Tipsy's test results, he had less than an hour to live. His blood tests showed acute renal failure (kidney failure) which can be fatal if not treated in time.

Tipsy the curious cat was neither wearing a collar nor had a microchip so the RSPCA is actively looking for his family. If they are not located, he'll be put up for adoption.

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All images of ABC News Australia

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Vodka Saved This Cat from Using the Last of His Nine Lives