Virginia Teachers Show Kids That Eggs Don't Come from Walmart

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Students in Virginia Beach are getting out of the classroom and onto the farm for hands-on learning.

When children join their parents at the grocery store and pick milk and eggs off the shelves, they don't always know where the food came from before that.

Virginia Dare Soil & Water Conservation District is trying to change that. The organization hosts the annual Farm Days for first-grade classes in Virginia Beach. Teachers apply and eight schools or up to 80 first graders are picked through a lottery system.


This October, selected students will head down to local farms to learn about where their food comes from. The classes go around to ten stations visiting all the regular farm animals as well as learn about crops like soybean. They even get to meet a beekeeper and see first-hand where honey comes from.


Throughout the day-long event, kids collect farm-derived mementos, like soybean crayons, fresh dairy treats, and pumpkins.


Kathryn Sullivan, District Manager for the conservation district, knows an agricultural void needs to be filled and field curriculum can do just that. Sullivan recalled:

"I asked the children where they got their eggs. One little girl said 'Walmart.' So I asked where they were before they got to Walmart, and she said 'on the truck.' "

pony horse

At the end of the field trip, students understand not only how eggs end up in the supermarket, but also the truth about ponies--they're not baby horses!

What comments have you heard kids say about where their food comes from? Share with us in the comments below!

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Virginia Teachers Show Kids That Eggs Don't Come from Walmart