Virginia Horse Center Prepares for Hurricane Matthew Horse Evacuations

Posted by TF Oren
All photos from footage taken by WDBJ7

As Hurricane Matthew bears down on the East coast, people and their pets are scrambling out of harm's way.

Fortunately for horse owners in Virginia's coastal areas, there's a safe haven waiting for their horses in case of evacuation.

The Virginia Horse Center, a facility located just outside of Lexington, is prepared to receive horses displaced by the approaching hurricane.


The center, which spans some 600 acres and has 19 show rings and 8 barns, is offering up its stalls free of charge to horse owners.

The center's Chief Operating Officer, Leigh Anne Caldwell, says,

"This week is actually a really good week. We have just a couple of events, a smaller horse show that won't take up a great number of stalls. So we have room...If it were other weeks, we could potentially be full and not have a whole lot of room to be able to accommodate other horses."


Several horse owners have already inquired about bringing their animals to the facility. However, if the storm heads out to sea, as expected, it is unlikely the center will have to receive any horses.

You can learn more about the Virginia Horse Center here.

All photos from footage taken by WDBJ7.

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Virginia Horse Center Prepares for Hurricane Matthew Horse Evacuations