Two Naughty Minis Run from the Law After Escaping Pasture

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When two naughty minis are on the run, the police show up to wrangle the tiny horses, and it's all caught on film. 

Two minis escaped from their pasture in Indianapolis, and enjoyed their freedom by galloping down Binford Boulevard near the State Fairgrounds. But the public can rest easy, because the police were hot on the escapees' tails. Police pursued the horses in cars and then in a parking lot on foot. Eventually the horses were captured and were handed over to Animal Care and Control.

Luckily for us, there's video footage. And it's pretty amazing.

Miniature horses are notoriously difficult to contain. Not only are they smaller than full-sized horses, they can squeeze through small spaces amazingly easily. Mini horses are often curious and brave, which means they're more likely to escape than their full-sized counterparts. Plus, minis have thick coats which can help to dull the sting of an electric fence.

If you have mini horses, it's important to build an enclosure which can sufficiently contain them. Some horse owners have success with a traditional wooden fence, but the boards need to be placed close enough together and close enough to the ground so that the mini cannot fit through. Many mini owners add no-climb fencing or mesh fencing to the paddock as a backup. The added advantage of this design is that the fencing also helps to keep animals like dogs out, an important step in protecting minis.

These two naughty minis prove that even though they're small, they're still capable of leading police on quite the chase.

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Two Naughty Minis Run from the Law After Escaping Pasture