Owners See What Pups Are up to When Home Alone and It Is Heartbreaking

Posted by Krissy Howard

Watch along as these dog owners have a peek at just what their pups are getting into while they're away from home. 

It's a question every pet parent has likely wondered at some point - what do they do when we're not home? A few UK-based dog owners were able to take a close look at exactly what their pets were up to while they stepped out for a few hours, and once they got to see for themselves, there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Equipped with cameras in every room, owners looked on and witnessed their pooches displaying signs of separation anxiety - mostly howling, pacing, refusing to eat, and even defecating, all while roaming their home in what seemed to be a search for their fellow pack members.

Of course, not all dogs will display such symptoms of anxiety. While it's somewhat common for owners to feel bad or even guilty for leaving their furry friends alone, many dogs will eventually find a comfortable spot to catch some z's in, be it their own crate, a couch, or even the master bed. Other dogs will use the unsupervised time to partake in some particularly naughty antics, but unlike the pup who might destroy a shoe out of boredom or just enjoyment, dogs with anxiety can have a much harder time alone.

Common signs of separation anxiety include whining, howling, or barking while you're away, massive destruction of furniture or even property, attempts to escape, potty accidents inside, or refusal to eat. Some dogs fare better when confined to the safety of a crate or single room, others feel comfortable in a Thundershirt, and for some, the uninterrupted sound of music or television is enough to distract them until you return.

If your dog is experiencing severe symptoms that aren't improving, you may want to consult a vet or behaviorist to rule out any undiagnosed medical issues.

What do you do to make your dog more comfortable when they are home alone? Let us know in the comments below!

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Owners See What Pups Are up to When Home Alone and It Is Heartbreaking