Video Proof That Puppies Are Cuter Than Kids on Slides

Posted by Stacey Venzel

These puppies have hit the playground, and they're giving kids a run for their money in the cute category.

Leave the monkey bars and merry-go-round to the toddlers and tweens. Set aside the slide for the puppies. It's the newest form of entertainment for dogs... and people.

In this epic video compilation, dogs take to the playground. The trepidation from some suggests they're a little unsure of the process, while others appear to be having the time of their lives. Others are so excited they get a little backward, trying to climb up the slippery slope. A handful of pups tag-team it while a few leap from the summit like pros.

There were a couple instances that made us wonder if the dogs had a little help getting up the ladder. And occasionally, we were concerned about the faceplants. But the pups didn't seem to mind!

Check out this adorable, funny montage of puppies on slides:

The next time you push the stroller to the park, you'll probably be picturing puppies on slides. If you're lucky, maybe you'll catch a sliding dog in action. You'll get so caught up in the image that you'll start laughing out loud.

Meanwhile, your child is trying to get your attention.

Oops. One day, the kids will understand. There's just something about dogs that makes them cuter than babies. Well, at least dog lovers would agree.

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Video Proof That Puppies Are Cuter Than Kids on Slides