This Video Captures Cat Lovers Perfectly

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Cats change our lives in many different ways, but if you're a cat person, then you likely already know this well. 

A cat person is a unique breed. They may talk to their cats, buy them toys and beds, and even let the cats take up a favorite spot on the couch. Doesn't sound too bad, right? Well, this video takes a fun look at the many ways that cats can change our lives and habits, and we don't even know that we're making these changes.

Cats have a way of dominating their environments. From the way that we do chores to how we go about our morning routines; cats play their own unique roles.

In the case of this video, Cole and Marmalade prove that all too well, and it's just delightful to watch how their owner's life has been shaped around the lives of his cats.

Does this look at all familiar? Do you feed your cats first thing in the morning to keep them happy? Will you put off vacuuming so as not to disturb your cats? Does your cat have a designated spot on top of your laptop while you work? Don't feel bad - it's just part of being a cat person.

So, why do we do these things? What is it about cats that we love so much? For a start, cats are independent but they're also intelligent, playful, and tons of fun to have around. Cats can make great company and don't require the same schedule or activity that dogs do.

They also require less training, and it costs less to feed a cat than it does to feed a dog. At the same time, cats can help to relieve stress and make you feel welcomed and loved at the end of a long day.

Truth is, being a cat person is pretty darn great. And if having cats means a few lifestyle changes, so be it. It's well worth it.

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This Video Captures Cat Lovers Perfectly