Veteran Rescues Kitten While Based in Iraq, and Their Reunion is Too Sweet

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When a U.S. veteran rescued a cat in Iraq, chances were slim that they'd be reunited in the U.S., but thanks to the SPCA, the cat is now home. 

When Brad Voncleave, a contractor, was based at the Baghdad airport, he spotted a cat near one of the shipping containers one day. The young cat appeared to have been abandoned by its mother, so Voncleave took to feeding the cat. He befriended the feline and named him Mr. Meowgi, since the cat was often meowing.

Vonclave and Mr. Meowgi were separated when Vonclave returned home to the United States. Chances were slim that the pair would ever be together again, but that's where the SPCA stepped in.

Mr. Meowgi was treated to a very long plane ride, where he was reunited with Vonclave and his family in Los Angeles, California. See footage of the pair meeting again in the video below.

If you ever find a stray cat or kitten, there are a number of ways that you can help the cat. First, start by seeing whether the cat will approach you and allow you to safely catch it. Using Have-a-Heart traps can be a safe way to capture cats if they're afraid to get close to humans.

It's generally best to contact your local animal control agent. Animal control can help you catch the cat, and can take the cat to a local shelter. They may also be aware if a cat has been lost in the area, and if the one you found may be that lost cat.

If you choose to keep the stray and care for it yourself, make sure that it truly is a stray. Put up "found cat" notices around your neighborhood and post some information about the cat on social media. If the cat goes unclaimed, then make sure you take it to the vet so that it can be examined, vaccinated, and provided with any other medical care that it may need.

Truly caring people, like veteran Brad Vonclave, can make a difference for stray cats, both overseas and right here at home.

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Veteran Rescues Kitten While Based in Iraq, and Their Reunion is Too Sweet