Very Good Dog Rides the Bus All by Herself to Go to the Park

Posted by Amber King

WATCH NOW: Eclipse the Dog Rides the Bus All on Her Own

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Take a ride on the D line bus in Seattle, and you might find yourself seated next to the city's most famous canine.

A black lab/mastiff mix named Eclipse has earned international attention after a story about her daily trips to the park went viral. While seeing a dog taking public transportation isn't uncommon, seeing one without its owner is.

But if you ever see Eclipse riding the bus, her owner Jeff Young won't be with her. That's because this smart pup knows how to ride the bus all by herself.

Really. Snow twice in the same week?

Posted by Eclipse Seattle's Bus Riding Dog on Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Young made it a habit to take his city dog to the park several times a week on public transit, but he never expected the smart pup to take herself. One day the pair was sitting at the bus stop waiting for the D line. Young wanted to wait until he finished his cigarette, but Eclipse didn't have the patience.

When the bus pulled up, she jumped through the door all on her own. After a split second of panic, Young went directly to the park. Sure enough, he found his traveling pet already there waiting for him.

Posted by Eclipse Seattle's Bus Riding Dog on Sunday, January 10, 2016

Eclipse has ridden the bus enough times to know exactly where she needs to get off. She boards with her bus pass attached to her collar and chooses her seat among surprised and smiling passengers.

Fellow bus rider Tiona Rainwater told KOMO News:

"She makes everybody happy. How could you not love this face?"

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When it's her stop, the black Labrador jumps down the stairs excited for playtime at the park. While some King County officials say Eclipse should be on a leash, it's up to the bus driver's discretion whether or not to let dogs on board.

Okay, , ,Smile

Posted by Eclipse Seattle's Bus Riding Dog on Thursday, June 23, 2016

All of the D line drivers know Eclipse, and they have no problem giving the canine commuter a lift to her favorite place. She sits politely on the bus minding her own business, but more and more often, her friends and fans can't help but approach the Seattle dog.

They scratch behind her ears and take selfies with the famous dog. Eclipse has become so popular, she now has a Facebook fan page. Check out this video of the Labrador Retriever mix in action by the Associated Press:

Eclipse is known throughout the city, and her story has been told across the world, but her priorities haven't changed. She's still the happy-go-lucky pooch that simply can't wait to go to the dog park.

Young said his dog's Internet fame has changed the way people react when seeing her on the Metro Transit, but it won't change her sweet personality or independent sense of adventure.

What do you think of Eclipse, the bus riding dog? Let us know in the comments.

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Very Good Dog Rides the Bus All by Herself to Go to the Park