Very Good Dog Has the Best 'Stay' as Owner Pours Beer in Balancing Cup

Posted by Amber King
golden retriever beer trick

If you think a dog holding a treat on his nose is impressive, check out this dog's balancing act.

Dogs are expected to learn basic commands like "sit," "shake," and "lay down," but this overachieving Golden Retriever takes it to the next level. After "stay" and "leave it" proved to be too simple for the talented tail-wagger, his owner tried something trickier.

This video shows the dog sitting patiently as an almost empty cup of beer is perched on his nose. After finding the perfect placement on the dog's snout, the dog's owner calmly tells him to stay. He remains poised in his position, head held high and completely still, as his owner gets ready for the trick's finale. She slowly pours beer out of a pitcher and into the cup, and the dog still doesn't move.

He watches (slightly cross-eyed) as the beer level in the cup gradually rises. The steady stream of liquid adds weight to his burden, but the very good boy silently adjusts to keep the precious amber liquid from spilling.

It may not be as practical as "heel" or "come," but this canine trick requires extreme patience and calm. It teaches obedience, but the biggest lesson the dog learns is impulse control. His natural instincts are to drop the strange object that's suddenly invading his personal space, but he trusts his owner. He understands what she wants and stays calm and in control to pull off this impressive dog trick.

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Very Good Dog Has the Best 'Stay' as Owner Pours Beer in Balancing Cup