Venomous Spiders and Scorpions Found in Pet Store Bathroom

Posted by Jason Sarna
venomous spiders and scorpions
Screenshot via WCVB5

Four highly venomous spiders and six scorpions in plastic containers were found in the bathroom of a Petco located in North Andover, Massachusetts.

Local and Environmental Police showed up to the pet store and found six containers which held one Brazilian scorpion, five Asian forest scorpions, and four six-eyed sand spiders.

While the police search through surveillance footage to figure out who left the animals in the bathroom, a group of animal educators from Rainforest Reptile Shows are in charge of handling the animals.

"You're jeopardizing the public, and you're jeopardizing the life of this animal," said Joan Gallaghar, co-founder of Rainforest Reptile Shows.

The scorpions aren't much of a threat to humans, but the six-eyed sand spider - a cousin of the African brown recluse spider - can produce a deadly bite where there is no anti-venom.

According to WCVB5, the animals are not illegal in the state of Massachusetts and could have been turned over to an expert handler instead of being abandoned in a pet store bathroom.

Why do you think this person abandoned the animals in a pet store bathroom instead of turning them over to experts? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Venomous Spiders and Scorpions Found in Pet Store Bathroom