Venezuela Soccer Game Interrupted by Happiest Dog Ever

Posted by Stacey Venzel
All images via FOX Deportes Twitter

This dog's bounding entrance led to an unexpected game delay, but it was well-received by fans, TV announcers and even the soccer players.

Streakers clear the field; there's a new dog in the sports entertainment business.

In the South American Championship soccer match on Tuesday, a collared yellow pooch leapt onto the field, sprinting between amused players and effectively halting the clock. Venezuela's Deportivo Tachira was playing Mexico's UNAM Pumas.

The happy-go-lucky dog is named "Clarita," but just whose dog she is and how she made her way onto the field remains a mystery.

The dog's antics caused a 30-second game delay in the first half, a brief period of time in the 90-minute match, but more memorable than the one goal that led Venezuela to victory in Round 16 of the championship.

Mexico's goalie, Alejandro Palacios, had ample playtime with the canine before the dog sprinted off to jump excitedly around other teammates.

It was Mexican defender Gerardo Alcoba who finally scooped up the frolicking pup and carried her off, receiving a few happy licks during the short walk off-field. The dog was transferred into the arms of a team assistant, whereafter the clock resumed.

All images via FOX Deportes Twitter.

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Venezuela Soccer Game Interrupted by Happiest Dog Ever