Valuable Tips for Buying a Horse from Mike McEntire

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When it comes to buying a horse, there's no one better to provide advice than top FEI reining competitor, Mike McEntire. 

Buying a horse can be a challenge. Not only do you need to find a horse who's right for you, but budget restrictions can quickly eliminate many horses from your search. Mike McEntire knows how to assess a horse's potential, and it's that skill that has brought him to the top levels of reining. He applies that skill to buying horses, and has some great advice for anyone looking to purchase a horse.

Check out the below video. It's short, but Mike McEntire provides some valuable advice.

Before you start horse shopping, it's a good idea to make sure that you're equipped with the right support team. Your trainer can be invaluable in your horse search. He or she can help you to determine what characteristics your ideal horse would possess. Your trainer can travel to look at horses for sale with you, and can even test ride some of the horses to get a better sense of their training. Perhaps most importantly, your trainer can help determine how well you and the horse are matched, and may spot issues that you don't see.

And don't forget, horse shopping takes time. Sure, some people get lucky and find their ideal horse in a week or two of searching. Other riders may search for months before that great horse comes along. To increase your chances of finding the right horse, you may need to save up some money so that you can increase your budget, or consider buying a horse in a wider geographic area.

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Valuable Tips for Buying a Horse from Mike McEntire