Valo Flashlight: Tiny Versatile Torch Perfect for Camping, Dog Walks, and More

Posted by Mateja Lane
valo torch

This tiny flashlight produces enough lumens to light up the room but can fit in your pocket. 

The Valo Torch is tiny but powerful. With a magnetic backing that has a cord attachment, you can virtually put this little flashlight anywhere.

It can be worn around the neck like a pendant, attached onto clothes or hats with the magnet backing, or wrapped around something like a tree branch overlooking your campsite.

The Valo Torch is waterproof and rechargeable with your typical USB. It is perfect to carry in a pocket or bag so you can use it wherever, whenever. The company's motto is basically that you should never find yourself without light whether that be out on a hike, camping, on a dog walk, or staying late in the barn.

The Valo flashlight will come in four colors and has six modes with the highest setting emitting a powerful 50 lumens (that's really bright).

The concept of this little light is pretty genius because it looks more comfortable than a head lamp and can be hung or attached to things like a camping lamp. It can be hung around your horse's neck if you are on a night ride, or clipped onto your dog's collar or jacket when your walk goes a little later than expected.

This British company is still in its Kickstarter phase but expects early backers to get a flashlight as soon as August if they reach their goal by April 20. Pledge here to be one of the first to have these versatile little flashlights.

What do you think of this versatile little light? Let us know in the comments below!

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Valo Flashlight: Tiny Versatile Torch Perfect for Camping, Dog Walks, and More