Dressage Superstar Valegro Is Retiring and His Tribute Video Will Give You Chills

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Dressage superstar Valegro is retiring, and his tribute video? It's enough to bring anyone to tears. 

It's hard to watch horses retire. Whether you've ridden them yourself or have followed their competition careers from afar, the end of a horse's career is a bittersweet time. But when the horse retiring is dressage superstar Valegro, how do you honor him? Valegro's team has created a beautiful tribute video in his honor.

This brief video features Valegro's rider, Charlotte Dujardin, along with his trainer, groom, and even media correspondents discussing how the amazing horse has transformed dressage. In a few short minutes, it's easy to see the tremendous influence Valegro has had over the sport of dressage, as well as how he's touched the lives of those around him.

Get your tissues ready, then watch this moving tribute video.

Valegro's career is the stuff of legends. He holds record scores in Grand Prix, Grand Prix Special, and Freestyle. Valegro and Dujardin have earned two Individual Olympic gold medals, and in Rio, they set a Freestyle Olympic record of 93.857%.

Now 15, Valegro has retired from competition. His retirement ceremony will take place at the prestigious Olympia Horse Show in London in mid-December. And as for Valegro? He'll still be ridden, and will even make appearances with Dujardin and perhaps with Carl Hester, who started riding Valegro as a youngster.

It's hard to see such an amazing horse retire, but we're sure that Valegro will continue to receive star treatment during his retirement.

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Dressage Superstar Valegro Is Retiring and His Tribute Video Will Give You Chills