Valegro's Last Ride: Goodbye to a Dressage Champion

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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Dressage superstar Valegro's last ride was a perfect goodbye, and one last gift to the great horse's fans. 

How do you say goodbye to a champion? In style and with an adoring crowd, which is just what Valegro got when he and Charlotte Dujardin performed their last ride at the Olympia Horse Show. Valegro's last ride was super special; he and Dujardin brought back their routine from the 2012 London Olympics, providing a great opportunity for fans to reminisce on the dressage horse's career.

Dressage superstar Valegro, now 14, is going out on top. The Dutch Warmblood gelding has brought home multiple Gold Olympic medals, as well as other top achievements such as Silver and Gold medals at the 2014 World Equestrian Games. Valegro also holds Grand Prix, Grand Prix Special, and Grand Prix Freestyle world records.

Take a look at Valegro's last ride here.

Though Valegro has officially retired from competition, we'll still see the horse out and about. Dujardin hopes to give demonstrations on Valegro, and plans to get photos on him wearing her wedding dress.

Valegro is one of the most successful dressage horses ever. He's amassed a huge fan base, and his retirement performance and ceremony sold out all 7,500 tickets. The pair performed their Olympic routine, then were joined by Carl Hester and Alan Davies, and there was a brief time for questions and answers. Finally, Dujardin rode Valegro one last time, taking the great horse out of the arena.

Dujardin and Valegro have certainly had quite the career, so looking for a new equine partner to fill Valegro's big shoes will definitely take some time. In the meantime, Valegro will have some time to relax and enjoy retirement from the show ring. He's certainly earned it.

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Valegro's Last Ride: Goodbye to a Dressage Champion