Utah Woman Drowns After Attempting to Save Dogs in Rushing Water

Posted by Amber King
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Deseret News

A walk along the river turned into tragedy in Tanner Park on Saturday.

On a good day, dogs can be seen swimming and having a good time in the stream that runs through Tanner Park in Salt Lake City, Utah. But when 58-year-old Luidmilla Feldman and her husband took their two dogs for a walk through the park over the weekend, recent rain meant the water was cold, deep, and dangerous.

When the Feldman's two dogs jumped into the fast-moving water, they were instantly swept downstream. Panicking, Feldman and her husband ran after them trying to help. According to Unified Police Lt. Dan McConkey, that's when the woman fell into the stream and went under the water.

Her husband and a second man jumped in to help, but they too were caught up in the strong current. By the time a witness was able to grab Feldman's foot and pull her from the creek, the woman had been submerged by the freezing water for about 90 seconds. Attempts at revival were unsuccessful, and Feldman was announced dead at the scene.

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Deseret News

McConkey told KSL:

"She was taken down by the water and that water is cold. It wouldn't take long for her to lose her mobility because of the cold water."

Both the dogs and the two men that jumped in the water to save her are unharmed.

Unified Police wants to remind everyone to never underestimate the danger of a fast-moving stream. The combination of a strong current and freezing water is enough to overwhelm even strong swimmers. McConkey also suggested to always keep dogs on their leashes in public areas.

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Utah Woman Drowns After Attempting to Save Dogs in Rushing Water