Now You Can Park Your a Dog in a Locker in New York City

Posted by Tori Holmes
Dog Locker

Cities are becoming more dog-friendly, but there are still some places that your four-legged friend are not permitted. In situations like this, what do you do?

A start-up in Brooklyn, New York has offered a potential solution to this problem: the Dog Parker. With the Dog Parker, owners can place their dog in curbside crates while they run into stores that don't allow pets.

Currently, there are five of these lockers are being tested as part of a pilot program but the goal is to install 100 new boxes across Brooklyn. To use the Dog Parker, owners need to download the app and pay a $25 annual membership fee and wait to receive a card in the mail. Once they have received their card, they can use the app to find available Dog Parker crates, which only open with their membership card.

Using the Dog Parker costs 20 cents a minute and the user can monitor their dog while they're away through the app, which shows a live stream via a small in-crate camera.

So far the Dog Parker has been met with mixed reviews; some people welcome the option while others cannot see themselves leaving their dog in a public crate. For many, the biggest concern is safety. The dogs may be secure in their crates, but some worry that the dogs may feel trapped in the unfamiliar space. For others, the primary concern is that dogs may overheat, despite the in-crate climate control. CEO of Dog Parker, Chelsea Brownridge, does not agree with the criticism, reiterating that feedback was sought from a number of experts and animal advocates before the crates were distributed to the street.

Despite criticism from the public, the Dog Parker is continuing their plans to roll out more crates in Brooklyn and beyond.

The question now is, would you personally use the Dog Parker if you couldn't take your pup with you while you shop or would you prefer to leave them at home?

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Now You Can Park Your a Dog in a Locker in New York City