True Gift: Knicks Surprise US Army Veteran with Service Dog

Posted by Mateja Lane

The New York Knicks had a very special present for a veteran who was at the game on Wednesday. 

The New York Knicks played the Brooklyn Nets yesterday Wednesday, November 9 and in the crowd was a very special veteran.

Luciano Yulfo was surprised when the game was paused for the Knicks to present him with a present that will change his life.

As a token of appreciation, the Knicks partnered with Paws of War to donate a service dog to US Army Veteran Luciano Yulfo. Murphy the Golden Retriever was brought onto court to an unsuspecting Yulfo, who breaks into a large grin as soon as he sees his new pet. As Yulfo bends down to pet Murphy, who clearly just wants to play, the bond is already beginning to grow.

Service dogs can help people heal in many ways, especially former service members who may be suffering from PTSD. Not only can service dogs help with emotional healing, they are also trained to perform tasks that their owner might not be able to manage.

Paws of War is a unique organization for the Knicks to use to find a service dog for Yulfo. They place rescue dogs that have been in shelters for long periods of time with military service members that are suffering from the aftermath of war. Paws of War then spends time training the dog to match the specific veteran's needs.

Yulfo and Murphy look like they will be be positive influences on each other; the bonds that veterans create with their service dogs is truly powerful.

This was a beautiful moment in honor of Veteran's Day on Friday November 11.

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True Gift: Knicks Surprise US Army Veteran with Service Dog