UPDATE: Suspected Colorado Wolf Hybrid That Was Taken from Family Is Just a Dog

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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DNA tests have proven that Capone is not a wolf hybrid, but the dog still isn't home after spending five weeks with Animal Control.

Last week we reported on the story of Capone, a dog who escaped from his Colorado backyard and was being held by Animal Control. Animal Control suspected that Capone was a wolf hybrid, based on his mannerisms, behavior, and physical characteristics. Tracy Abbato, Capone's owner, said that she and her family weren't able to bring Capone home, since Animal Control insisted on holding the dog until the results of Capone's DNA test were back.

Well, we have an encouraging update: As of Saturday night, the results were in. Capone is 100% dog and is not a wolf hybrid. The Abbato family adopted Capone from the Adams County Animal Shelter 10 years ago, and were told that he is a German Shepherd mix. Their vet agreed with that assessment.

While the DNA proof is in, Capone still isn't home. Abbato is currently facing violations of an animal running at large, keeping an aggressive animal, and keeping an exotic/wild animal. The family is fighting the allegations in court, but their hearing last week was delayed until this Wednesday. Because the litigation is pending, the family must wait for the judge's ruling before they can bring Capone home.

Capone has now been in Animal Control's custody for five weeks.

Though the battle has been emotionally draining for the family (and likely for Capone, too), dog lovers have rallied around the family. A petition on Change.org to bring Capone home has received over 22,000 signatures. A GoFundMe page set up to help fund the family's legal fees and cover the cost of a six-foot fence for their backyard has received over $6,000 in donations.

Hopefully Capone will be reunited with his family soon.

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UPDATE: Suspected Colorado Wolf Hybrid That Was Taken from Family Is Just a Dog