UPDATE: Army Vet Charged with Animal Cruelty Found Dead

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pit bull and accused felon
Facebook/Justice For Cam

A week before her trial date, the woman who killed her service dog by tying him to a tree was found dead, presumably by suicide. 

Marinna Rollins, 23, was arrested on April 25 and charged with felony animal cruelty after a disturbing Facebook video was passed along to the Cumberland County sheriff's department. The video showed Rollins tying her certified emotional support animal, a dog named Cumboui, to a tree and shooting him five times with a shot gun.

Rollins, who recently retired from the Army due to medical complications associated with PTSD, first acquired the dog last year with her estranged husband, Matt Dyer. Animals have been known to help relieve symptoms of PTSD, and friends and family of Rollins hoped the rescue dog would help Rollins in her transition into civilian life.

rescue dog
Facebook/Justice For Cam

But in April, Rollins made a cryptic Facebook post saying:

"Great last day with the pooch! Sad he has to go, but he will be much happier where he is heading off to."

Her boyfriend, Jarren Heng, who filmed the video and is also charged with animal cruelty, commented on the post saying:

"He's gonna have such a great new life."

To the general public, the couple made it seem like the dog was being rehomed. Not long after, however, Rollins posted the disturbing video that lead to her subsequent arrest.

Rollins and Heng were released on bail while they waited for their court appearance scheduled for May 16. But around three in the morning on May 8, police were called to Rollins' apartment. The woman was found dead, and the cause of death was determined as suicide.

Police have not released any other information at this time.

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UPDATE: Army Vet Charged with Animal Cruelty Found Dead