This Unusual Game of Fetch Is Perfect for Hot Summer Days

Posted by Paige Cerulli

This Lab and his owner have discovered the perfect game of fetch for summer days when it's too hot to do much else. 

Do the dog days of summer have you feeling lazy? Don't have the energy to take your dog for a long walk? Well, this owner and her black Lab have a solution for you. It's an unusual, yet effective, game of fetch which is just perfect for hot summer weather.

This game involves a water rocket. Propelled by water from a hose, the rocket launches itself up into the air. And of course, this dog can't resist pulling the rocket back down, soaking himself and his owner at the same time.

He gets a little exercise, he and his owner cool off, and it's entertaining to watch, too. What could be better? Take a look at this unusual game of fetch.

Don't have a water rocket launcher? That's okay. You can keep your dog cool by playing with any number of water toys, like letting your dog run through a sprinkler or setting up a kiddie pool for him in your backyard. Your dog may also enjoy leaping up to catch the water stream coming from your garden hose or from a water gun - just be sure not to aim directly for his eyes.

Dogs need exercise throughout the summer, but if you live in a particularly hot and humid climate, the hot days may make it difficult to exercise your dog safely. Try to avoid heading out for walks when the sun is strong - instead, try to time them for early morning or early evening, when the temperatures are cooler. Pay attention to the heat index, too - if your area is under a heat warning for humans, then you should keep your dog inside until the heat subsides.

If you ever suspect your dog is overheating, be sure to immediately cool him down and bring him right into your vet's office. The heat can be dangerous for your dog, so finding ways to keep him cool in the summer can also keep him healthy.

Will you play this game this summer? Tell us in the comments below!

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This Unusual Game of Fetch Is Perfect for Hot Summer Days