Move Over Boxes, Snowflakes Are a Cat's New Favorite Toy

Posted by Amber King
cat playing in snow

Ready, set, catch those snowflakes!

Cats and snow don't always go together, but these playful kitties are making the most out of winter. As natural born predators, cats will chase everything from birds to evil red dots. They love to trap things between their fluffy paws, and snowflakes are no exceptions.

This cute compilation of cats catching snowflakes will help you get through those cold winter days.

Ginger cats, black cats, big cats, and small cats, no feline is immune to the fun. They run hop, skip, and jump, all in an attempt to capture the elusive flakes. And when they finally catch one, they disappear before their eyes. But that doesn't stop them from trying. Mother Nature provides the perfect game to keep your cat entertained all winter long.


Not all cats are as playful as these snowflake stalkers, but interactive play is important to keep your kitties happy and healthy. Regular play sessions help your cat stay in shape, build confidence, and it can even help reduce stress.

Life as a cat may look like all naps and games, but your pets succumb to stress in the same way you do. Allowing them to play and practice their predatory instincts gives them a much-needed outlet for stress relief.

If your cat isn't as thrilled about the snow as these guys, try initiating play indoors where it's nice and warm. A few 15-minute play sessions a day will greatly improve your cat's emotional and physical health.

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Move Over Boxes, Snowflakes Are a Cat's New Favorite Toy