Furniture Store's New Ad Features a Trampoline, Buster the Boxer, and a Christmas Miracle

Posted by Mateja Lane

We all hope we can be as happy as Buster the Boxer on Christmas morning. 

UK Furniture Store John Lewis has released their holiday commercial and it is appealing to everyone's softer side.

Featuring a family with a Christmas surprise in the form of a trampoline, some woodland creatures, and a very sad (at first) Boxer, this commercial is will tug at even the most frozen heartstrings.

That is one joyous CGI pup in the end.

This commercial speaks to viewers in so many different ways. First, we see the dad working outside in the bitter cold trying to put together the trampoline the night before Christmas. Next, we see Buster the Boxer longing to jump on the new toy with the animals in the forest, who seem to be having the best time.

Haven't all of our faces been as desperate with envy as Buster's at one point or another?

Finally in the end of the ad, everyone gets their true Christmas wish: to fly away on the trampoline.

If this doesn't make you wish for a Boxer, a trampoline, or at least a Christmas miracle, who knows what will.

You can check out the trampolines at the John Lewis department store here, and here.

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