UK Boy Fights to Ban Fireworks Due to Personal Pet Tragedy

Posted by Krissy Howard
Help find Shearer Whitley Bay/Facebook

Meet the 10-year-old UK boy fighting for the ban of fireworks in the name of pet safety. 

Most people with indoor and outdoor pets alike are probably all-too familiar with the terror that a pop of fireworks can strike on our poor companions. Whether they hide under the bed or startle themselves to the point of physical injury, most animals are absolutely petrified of the unfamiliar sounds of those loud booms in the sky.

For UK resident Tyler Walker, the sound of fireworks cost him the life of his best friend, a nine-year-old border collie named Shearer.

Shearer went missing on October 17 after becoming frightened by the sound of fireworks a group of people had set off nearby. His family immediately launched a campaign on Facebook, hoping for the safe return of their runaway friend, and local media followed suit.

Help find Shearer Whitley Bay/Facebook

Unfortunately for the Walker family that reunion would never happen, as confirmed by the tragic discovery at a nearby beach made by Tyler and his dad.

"I was with my dad and we went for a walk with our dogs," Tyler said in an interview with Chronicle Live. "I went down by the edge and the dog was there. It was a bit sad."

Shearer was assumed to have jumped into the water after becoming scared, and on October 23, just five days after he went missing, his lifeless body washed ashore for his young owner to find.

The ordeal was enough to motivate Tyler into taking action. After researching the dangers fireworks can have on animals, the New Marske resident created a video, asking for a ban on the items.

"I think fireworks should be banned because people could lose their pets very easily. There should be licenses," he said.

Jayne Walker/YouTube
Jayne Walker/YouTube

In the video, Tyler goes on to explain the dangers surrounding the lighting of fireworks around animals, saying;

"Using fireworks near animals is both cruel and inhumane. Fireworks cause immense fear and stress. Animals who are too close to firework explosions often suffer significant burns and eye damage."

Tyler isn't the only one who feels this way. Back in May of this year, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) supported a petition which called for restrictions on the items in the UK.

The ban of fireworks is still a work in progress, but there are certain measures and precaution you can take to help keep your dog safe, wherever you live. Keeping your furry friends indoors and confined to a safe and comfortable space when possible is always the first measure one should take.

Keeping curtains and shades drawn can help alleviate anxiety, and relaxing music may help drown out the sounds of the fireworks outside. Make sure there's no way for your little one to escape your home, and consider microchipping in case they find a way to slip out of the safety of your home.

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UK Boy Fights to Ban Fireworks Due to Personal Pet Tragedy