Uber Agrees to Transport Service Dogs for Blind Passengers

Posted by Stacey Venzel

It's official: Ride share services aren't just for humans anymore. Now, guide dogs get to ride with their owners.

After a lawsuit against Uber set forth by supporters of the blind community, the urban taxi service is now legally required to transport seeing-eye dogs and their owners. If denied access to the vehicle, the driver doesn't just get a bad rating; they are no longer allowed to serve as an Uber driver.

The court case was filed back in 2014 after the taxi service's drivers were documented refusing to allow guide dogs to enter into the car with their owner. One case even recalled a driver putting the passenger's dog in the trunk.

Niall Kennedy/Flickr
Niall Kennedy/Flickr

But, legally, federal law mandates public and private transportation services allow both two-legged and assisting four-legged passengers or else stand in discrimination of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The company has since put forth a statement, claiming, "Our goal at Uber is to make transportation options more accessible to all individuals, including those who are blind, low-vision or have other disabilities."


To show their good nature toward this settlement--to which Uber denies any previous legal violation--the company is set to put forth $225,000 for the National Federation of the Blind and a California company partner to investigate whether or not Uber follows the agreement.