U.K. Man Loses Pet Raccoon Dog, Afraid People Will Think It's a Wild Animal

Posted by Paige Cerulli
All images: Daily Mail

A man who has lost his pet raccoon dog is worried that the public may think the dog is a wild animal, thanks to its unusual appearance. 

Residents of Blackpool, U.K. should be on the lookout for a dog which looks strikingly like a raccoon. Michael McKenna's pet raccoon dog, Kekei, went missing in Stanley Park, and McKenna is worried that people will think she's a raccoon or other wild animal.

Kekei sports a grey and white flecked coat and an unusually shaped nose and face - in fact, she looks very little like your traditional dog.

Raccoon dog 1

Raccoon dogs are rare, and very expensive - Kekei is worth approximately $1,300. Raccoon dogs are closely related to foxes and wolves, and originated in East Asia. They have long torsos but relatively short legs, and weigh between 9 and 15 pounds.

Raccoon dogs are gentle and don't bark or wag their tails like regular dogs do. They also bear a striking resemblance to raccoons, hence their name.

raccoon dog 2

raccoon dog 3

Kekei is just fourteen weeks old, and McKenna is worried that she won't know how to hunt for food, since she's been raised by humans since her birth. Kekei is timid, and her owner thinks that she'll probably be finding places to hide until it's dark outside.

We all hope that Kekei is found safe and sound soon.

All images: Daily Mail

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U.K. Man Loses Pet Raccoon Dog, Afraid People Will Think It's a Wild Animal