Cats Are Keynote Speakers in Texas Company's Funny Email Mistake

Posted by Mateja Lane
Business cat

A tech education branch in Austin, Texas sent out an email with the best mistake.

General Assembly, an education company with a branch in Austin, Texas, sent out an email last week announcing an upcoming panel event. But instead of introducing the event's top designers as keynote speakers, the email was sent out with lorem ipsum cat placeholder speak.

cat placeholder
Austin Statesman/Blog

It's clear that the Austin branch of General Assembly loves cats and someone at the company took the time to write placeholder copy all about felines. Or maybe the copywriter has not had such a good experience with cats as most of the sentences are how cats defecate in the human's bed...

The company corrected the mistake with an email attempting to clear up the mistake:

"Well, this is embarrassing. At GA, we love cats almost as much as we love sending emails, but some creative placeholder copy slipped by us before we deployed today's email for our upcoming event. We're still finalizing the lineup of some awesome speakers--we hope to see you April 12!"

In our opinion, language about cats should replace all boring lorem ipsum copy. It is much more entertaining! Considering the same dummy placeholder words have been the same since the 1500s, it is time for an updated change. We vote cats.

What do you think of this silly mistake? Tell us in the comments below. 

Images via Austin Statesman/Blog

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Cats Are Keynote Speakers in Texas Company's Funny Email Mistake