Two Silly Goats Manage to Get Both Their Heads Stuck in the Same Bucket

Posted by TF Oren

If you're bent out of shape because someone took your parking spot this morning, or ate your clearly labeled food out of the office fridge, don't be.

Your problems are small beans compared to the pickle these two goats found themselves in when they both went for a tasty morsel at the bottom of the same bucket...and proceeded to get their heads stuck.

Now that's a dilemma.

You can hear laughter in the background as a man approaches the eight-legged bucket monster to help.

Fortunately, amid some protest from the goats, the man is able to free both their heads from their temporary prison.

You know that saying, "It could always be worse"? Well, here's proof - and perspective.

So, the next time someone cuts ahead of you in line at Starbucks or forgets to clean the lint filter in the dryer, take a deep breath and remind yourself it could be worse. At least you and your best friend don't have your heads stuck in a bucket.

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