Two Pink Flamingos Got Hitched at Aruba Resort

Posted by Stacey Venzel
All photos via Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino/Facebook

An Aruba wedding was all things pink when two flamingos got married on a private island.

The sunny Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba is a destination wedding hotspot. Even animals are now saying their vows along the turquoise water's edge.

Two pink flamingos were hitched at Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino last year in an adorable celebration orchestrated by the hotel on the company's private island. The bonded pair are the beloved pets of hotel staff.

And this wedding is assured to last. Flamingos, like many of their avian brothers and sisters, are monogamous. They mate for life.


So Noah and Allie really meant it when they squawked "I do" on June 23, 2015--conveniently coinciding with the lesser-known National Pink Flamingo Day.

In case you were concerned about their apparel, Allie donned a diaphanous gown handmade by Vera Wing while Noah sported a miniature bow tie.

After exchanging vows under a flowered chuppah--Noah is Jewish--they ran off into the crashing waves together at the close of the ceremony.

Due to weather, their honeymoon flight was delayed. But that's okay, because they were in lovers' paradise anyway.

All photos via Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino/Facebook.

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Two Pink Flamingos Got Hitched at Aruba Resort