Twitter User Looks for Kitten for an Hour, She Was in the Kleenex Box...

Posted by Stacey Venzel

A little kitty disappeared and sent her family into hysterics while she napped peacefully in a box of tissues.

Twitter user Britney Diane and her foster kitten, Chantel, have gone viral due to Chantel's masterful hide-and-seek skills. But it looks like her foster mom wasn't aware of the game they were playing.

Britney said the family is bottle-feeding the kitten until she is old enough for adoption. In the short time that the humans disappeared to heat up the bottle, the kitten also disappeared.

It wasn't until Britney's grandpa went to blow his nose that Chantel was discovered, quite content in her bed of tissues.

While the tissue box didn't seem like an obvious hiding place, it makes perfect sense; it's dark, quiet, and comfy! Twitter followers got a laugh when Britney's mom complained about how the kitten ruined the tissues.

They also chuckled at the description of her family's humorous (albeit nerve-wracking) hunt for the little critter.

Cat owners everywhere responded with empathy, having been in Britney's shoes before:

Britney said that this is her family's first cat. They've likely learned a few things about feline sneakiness after this escapade!

Cat parents of the world, can you relate to this story? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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Twitter User Looks for Kitten for an Hour, She Was in the Kleenex Box...