Here's What Twitter Pet Owners Think of #ImAtMyHappiestWhen

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Life is just better with pets and Twitter agrees.

A recurring Twitter hashtag is back: #ImAtMyHappiestWhen. And we're not surprised to see so many tweets involving pets.

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Like this guy whose cat completes him.

Or this person who just wants dogs all day, every day.

Or this Twitter user who likes saying, "I told you so."

Or this human and cat who make each other happy.

Or this lady who has a thing for Newfoundlands.

Or this dog whose owner can't get over his instant fame.

Or this woman who lives for this moment.

Or these kitties who are living it up in their new home.

Or this pup who knows how to snooze.

Pets clearly play an important part in human happiness. For many people, they are the highlight of their days.

So be sure to give pets all the TLC they deserve!

Are you at your happiest when animals are around? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Here's What Twitter Pet Owners Think of #ImAtMyHappiestWhen