Twitter Doesn't Know How to Respond to Chicken Rental Businesses

Posted by Stacey Venzel
Chickens on traditional free range poultry farm

There are actually chicken rental businesses, and people are actually renting chickens.

Anyone interested in having organic, free-range eggs but wary of committing to full-time chicken guardianship hasn't had to worry about that since Rent the Chicken answered those prayers last year.

We previously wrote about the business before it started going viral. Now, people are pecking at more than just the Rent the Chicken coop door to rent out the feathered friends.

It's a way to invest in your very own "farm fresh eggs."

One Twitter user precisely summed up how these rental agreements work:

If you don't like that explanation, try this one:

Rent the Chicken, the leaders in the fowl rental business, have a simple enough tagline:

"Families helping families to bring one simple food source closer to their table one rental at a time."

Chickens are being rented out left and right, with entrepreneurial businesses starting up... because, why not?

All the way in China, chicken renting is a hot commodity. It's even staving off poverty for some families--and Twitter just can't handle it.

Twitter is seriously torn about this poultry entrepreneurial spirit that seems to have invaded backyards everywhere and has the Internet all up in arms.

Rental agencies provide supplies, such as a portable coop, chicken feed, food and water bowls, and of course, the hens. Instructions are also mailed to you so that you can do this backyard chicken thing worry-free!

Some Twitter users are very vocal about their feelings regarding chicken rental opportunities:

Others are banding together to share the egg wealth:

At the end of a chicken parenting rental period, renters can decide to look into adoption. Most of the businesses will let you keep the chickens.

Because, as any backyard coop farmer knows, these egg-layers are sure to win your heart.

Would you rent a chicken? Tell us in the comments below!

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Twitter Doesn't Know How to Respond to Chicken Rental Businesses