Twin Babies Think Little Pomeranian Is the Funniest Thing on the Planet

Posted by Amber King
twin babies and pomeranian

Dogs and babies have special relationships, and these twins simply can't handle the hilarity of their bouncing Pomeranian.

When dogs and babies get together, cuteness is a given. Add a blow-up baby pool, a pair of giggly twins, and a fluffy Pomeranian to that equation, and you have a video that's guaranteed to make you smile.

These tiny twins think their dog is the funniest thing they've ever seen. Their continuous baby cackles don't stop as the dog shows off his skills in front of his young humans.

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The trio's mom is tempting the dog with a treat, and he'll do anything to get his mouth around the tasty morsel. He hops on his back legs moving in and out of the empty baby pool where the twins are sitting.

The giggly babies simply can't stop laughing as they watch the fluffy pup perform. When the noise seems like it might start to stop, the siblings look at each other and explode into another fit of hilarity.

Laughter is contagious, and anyone who watches these twins won't be able to keep themselves from joining in.

After seeing the fun this adorable trio has together, their parents should keep the camera close at all times. They'll grow up being best friends, and there are bound to be more adorable moments in their future.

Kids who grow up with dogs have built-in friends, and these three playmates are destined for more hilarious mischief.

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Twin Babies Think Little Pomeranian Is the Funniest Thing on the Planet