Tweets of Pets Who Can Seemingly See Pokemon

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Pikachu doesn't stand a chance with these furry players... or does he?

Virtuality meets realism in Pokemon Go when your pets look like they're playing the game.

Owners have been tweeting photos of cats, dogs, and birds perfectly poised as if in pursuit of one of the little animated monsters. But lack of opposable thumbs has us questioning if pets can actually succeed at this cat-and-mouse game.

"Wait, fish fly? The pawblic school system failed me."

"I know I can't touch the pet bird, but can I chase this one?"

"So that's why you keep taking me on so many walks."

"Pikachus are friends, not prey."

"Hey! That looks like the guy from ALF!"

"If you could just feed us already, that would be great."

"Looks like a rodent, walks like a rodent, but is it a rodent?"

"This perch ain't big enough for the both of us."

"Twinsies for life!"

We would like to remind all Pokemon Go players to keep it safe out there. It's a hustle and bustle world, and we wouldn't want you stepping on Fluffy's tail in hot pursuit of an Articuno.

But we understand those eggs won't hatch themselves.

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Tweets of Pets Who Can Seemingly See Pokemon