Tuna the Rescue Duck Thinks She's Just One of the Dogs

Posted by TF Oren
All images via the_mutt_bunch/Instagram.

Tuna is a duck...but she didn't get the memo.

Tuna is pretty convinced she's a dog. She lives with a whole pack of them, after all.

Six-month-old Tuna was rescued from a feedlot by Nicole Davis. Davis, who has five dogs ranging in age from 2-12, says Tuna made herself a member of the pack in no time.

"Everyone acts like Tuna is just another dog...She loves to sit in your lap or watch you do yard work. Dogs do not scare her but cats do," says Davis.

Tuna, who loves to boss her dog siblings around, also joins in all of the normal daily activities.

They catch their daily rays on the porch together.

They get their swim on.

And they even play musical beds when it's time to hit the hay.

So far, no one's clued Tuna in to the fact that she's a little different. And with life at home going so swimmingly, its unlikely anyone ever will.

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