Golden Retrievers Get Married Until 'Treatos Do You Part'

Posted by Christy Caplan
YouTube: Tucker Budzyn

Do you remember when Tucker got married? Here's the video since it was adorable! Tucker is one of the top YouTube influencers and his Instagram channel is over the top. We are in love.

We also have so many other reasons we love Tucker and wanted to share those with readers.

This doggo is a Michigan AKC Golden pup and social media star. Tucker Budzyn is an adorable Golden Retriever with a YouTube channel that shows what 'life with a Golden Retriever' is like. This dog reviews food with his sister, and the Tucker taste test is worth watching. This dog tries anything, even getting married to another doggo. Are you a dog lover? You will be after watching this video?

A top reason we love Tucker?

Taste tests! 'Trees of doom', this doggo is hilarious. Here is another.

What do you love about Tucker?

Do you know anyone that lives with a Golden? Let us know what characteristics you love about this breed!

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Golden Retrievers Get Married Until 'Treatos Do You Part'