TSA Wants You to Adopt Their Working Dogs...For Free

Posted by Mateja Lane

Former TSA dogs are looking for good homes. 

Training a bomb-sniffing dog is a serious affair that usually takes 12 weeks. After these pups graduate from their programs they work long, hard careers keeping our airports safe. But every hard worker deserves a good retirement.

The TSA is now asking for people to adopt former working dogs as they come to the end of their sniffing careers. The dogs, ranging from two to ten years old, are either coming to the end of their service or didn't make it through the training period. Adopting a former TSA dog will also be free of cost.

The breeds that are up for adoption will range from German Shorthaired Pointers, Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, to Belgian Malinois.

Police Dog With Distinctive

The former explosive detection dogs will be in San Antonio, Texas waiting for potential adopters, who simply need to fill out an application for one of these special pups.

The applicants will then go through a screening process to match dogs with certain households. These former working dogs have certain requirements, mainly that their adopters are prepared for their level of activity. The dogs were originally chosen for the TSA program due to their high "drive."

These pups were also raised in kennels so they may take some time adjusting to domestic households.

But one thing is for sure: these dogs are smart. Any household would be a better place with such a smart and dedicated dog as a former TSA worker.

If you are interested in heading to Texas to bring home one of these dogs, contact the Adoption Coordinator at [email protected].

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TSA Wants You to Adopt Their Working Dogs...For Free