Try to Guess How Many Baby Pacifiers This Dog Ate

Posted by Jason Sarna
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An Oklahoma veterinarian made a startling discovery inside the stomach of a family dog.

According to 7 News Boston, the 4-year-old Sharpei named Dovey was taken to the vet by her owners, who noticed the dog wasn't feeling well.

Dr. Chris Rispoli saw that the dog had lost some weight, and when talking to the dog's owner, he heard something about Dovey that stood out to him.

Dr. Rispoli said:

"Dad said grandma had seen her jump up on the counter and grab one of the baby's pacifiers and they had been missing a lot of pacifiers."

An X-ray revealed that the missing pacifiers were lodged inside Dovey's stomach.


After the surgery was complete, the total number of pacifiers inside the dog's stomach was 21!

Dr. Rispoli said:

"In twenty years, this is the craziest surgery I have ever done."

Although Dovey had lost some weight, she's predicted to make a full recovery. As far as how to avoid a similar situation happening to your four-legged friend, Dr. Rispoli offers some simple advice:

"Put things away. Don't leave 'em on the countertop."

What's the weirdest thing your dog has ever eaten? Let us know in the comments!

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Try to Guess How Many Baby Pacifiers This Dog Ate