True to His Roots, Country Music Singer Brett Eldredge Loves His Dog

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Brett Eldredge and his dog Edgar
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Brett Eldredge and his dog, Edgar, go together like a warm summer night and a good country song.

With hit singles like "Beat of the Music" and "Lose My Mind," Brett Eldredge has spent the last seven years charming the ranks of country music fans. He's toured with Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, and Luke Bryon, but there's one four-legged friend who's always by his side.

Back with my wingman....Edgar

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Edgar is a Weimaraner/Vizsla mix Eldredge that Brett welcomed into his life in 2016. It took a six-hour drive into Alabama to make the friendship official, but the country duo has been inseparable ever since.

Brett told Wide Open Pets:

"I wanted to have a companion on the road. I wanted to walk off stage and instead of walking on an empty bus, I wanted to have my pup to hang out with, share the journey, and travel the country with."

Edgars first swim!!!!!

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Edgar jumped into the role of four-legged best friend without any hesitation. Named after Edgar County, Illinois where Brett grew up, the now one-year-old pup is a true "Nashvillian" according to his devoted dog dad.

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Whether Brett is living on the tour bus and traveling the country or adventuring at home, Edgar is there for constant cuddles, entertainment, and comfort.


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Brett describes his dog's personality as being a lot like his own. He said;

"He can be very hyper and all over the place and running around and high energy, or he can be kind of introverted and hide out on his own. He's a little bit of everything."

Everyone sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to @edgarboogie with us!!! He turns 1 today!

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Regardless of his mood, Edgar is a key part of the country singer's life. He's there in the studio and backstage at concerts, but they also take time off for fun--like Edgar's first birthday party, complete with balloons and special birthday treats. But most of all, the puppy keeps Brett grounded.

He said in our interview;

"It brings a good balance to your life when you're singing in front of all those fans but you're also picking up 'doo-da' on the side of the road with a plastic bag and trying to train him and stuff like that."

Just a couple fellas playin in the leaves!

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Edgar may not captivate country fans with his smooth singing voice like his owner does, but that doesn't mean the dog isn't a star in his own right.

Edgar's fans are at every one of Brett's concerts waving signs with life-size pictures of their favorite Nashville pooch. People toss dog treats onto the stage and crane their necks in hopes of getting a glimpse of the cute canine.

Flashin back to baby björn @edgarboogie since today is #bringyourdogtoworkday

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Described as a "people dog" by Brett, Edgar is more than happy to give his fans a quick lick and sniff, but being on stage is a work in progress.

The dog's first on-stage appearance included a pair of noise-canceling headphones and a baby bjorn strapped to Brett's chest. He's been on stage two other times since then, and he's working on overcoming his stage fright.


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Brett and Edgar have taken over the country music scene, but when the cameras are gone and the crowds disperse, they always find time to be just Brett and Edgar--two friends loving life. Their past year together has seen change and growth, but the strength of their bond runs deep. Brett said;

" I always carry my home with me wherever I go, and I thought Edgar just fit so well. I just stayed to my roots and he's part of the family, so he is my roots."

Brett's upcoming self-titled album featuring new singles "Something I'm Good At," "The Long Way," and "Love Someone" is set to debut August 4. It's all about the various stages of love--something there's no shortage of between him and his best friend.

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True to His Roots, Country Music Singer Brett Eldredge Loves His Dog