Triplet Goat Kids in Sweaters Will Make Your Day a Bit Sweeter

Posted by Mateja Lane

Baby goats in sweaters seem to make the Internet more tolerable and can make our day a little brighter. 

With all the sad news out there, thank goodness someone is knitting tiny sweaters to put on baby goats so we'll still surf the Internet.

The Sunflower Farm Creamery in Maine, famous for their adorable baby goats, welcomed triplets Ramona, Juno, and Mabel in the summer of 2016. Watch them explore the barn, not leaving their mother Olive's side, in their cute little sweaters.

Isn't that nicer to watch than some political speech or mass tragedy?

The goats at Sunflower Farm are well taken care of and it shows in their happy little skips and jumps around the yard.

If you have a Nigerian Dwarf goat consider knitting them a sweater like the triplets don around the farm. You can buy the pattern here by donating to the Sunflower Creamery's No Cull Farm that supports humane and local farming.

Tell us how cute you think these little goats are in the comments below. 

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Triplet Goat Kids in Sweaters Will Make Your Day a Bit Sweeter