Triple Crown Winner American Pharoah's First Foal Is Born

Posted by Paige Cerulli
All images: Brookdale Farm via Facebook

All eyes are on Kentucky as American Pharoah's first foal has been born. 

Triple Crown Winner American Pharoah is officially a father! American Pharoah's first foal was born at 12:30 am on January 3. The foal, which was born at Brookdale Farm in Versailles, New York, is out of Kakadu, a maiden mare.

The foal is reportedly of good health and is a good size.


All eyes will be on champion racehorse American Pharoah's first crop of foals. American Pharoah won the prestigious Triple Crown in 2015. He earned $8,650,300 during his brief career and was retired at the end of 2015 to stand as stud.

Brookdale Farm via Facebook

Hopes are that this great racehorse will go on to produce more great racehorses, but breeding and racing are always subject to a good dose of chance. Truth is, you can breed the best racehorses together and still get an average foal. But sometimes lightning strikes, and you'll be on the ride of your life.

American Pharoah's first foal has a good shot at being successful. He was born just a few days after January 1, which is the ideal timing for a Thoroughbred birth. All Thoroughbred horses are given a birthday of January 1 during the year that they were born, even if they were born later in the year, like in March or April. Because of this policy, a horse who was born in April of 2017 will be racing against a horse who was born in January of 2017. The January-born horse will have a few months of maturity over the April-born horse, and in horse racing, this slight advantage can make the difference in winning and losing.

This young foal also has excellent breeding going for him. His dam is by Tizway, and is also a half-sister to multiple graded-stakes winner Protonico. The foal has the bloodlines of the winner.

The only question left: Does he have the talent and speed to get him to the winner's circle? Only time will tell.

All images: Brookdale Farm via Facebook

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Triple Crown Winner American Pharoah's First Foal Is Born