Tribble Is One Cute Senior Kitty and His Purr Is out of This World

Posted by Krissy Howard
The Shoko Show

Tribble is an older kitty with a heart of gold and a special purr you have to hear for yourself to believe!

Tribble the cat didn't find his forever home until he was seven years old. Having been previously adopted twice, he was returned to the shelter both times through no fault of his own.

After his original owner sadly passed when Tribble was three, he was adopted into a family with small children who hadn't yet mastered the art of giving pets their much-needed space, and so he found himself back on the available pets list at his local rescue.

When his current family crossed paths with the Tabby stunner, it was love at first sight, and he even had a special talent that was soon discovered after a friendly petting: his unique purr.

Because Tribble had had a long road before finding his forever home, there were a few stipulations to be met before his adoption was approved, to ensure the best fit for everyone, and prevent another heartbreaking return for the big guy.

"One of the provisos of us adopting him was that he was going to a calm home. Tribble was their favorite cat in the shelter," his new owner, known only as Kimm said, in an interview with The Shoko Show.

He chirps like a cricket and is super friendly. He was also the "test cat" when introducing new dogs into the shelter. If Tribble was cool with them they were then deemed "cat-friendly."

Luckily for everyone, it all worked out, and Tribble now shares a home with his feline sister, a Tortie named Turtle. Tribble's happy tale just goes to show that senior cats can make for a great fit for many adopters, and the video above reminds us all that our local shelters are often full of dozens of good kitties, just waiting to go home.

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Tribble Is One Cute Senior Kitty and His Purr Is out of This World